Why use me?

I do my best to provide good value for money, and a very good service. Of course, I would say that, wouldn’t I, but actually, as an independent, it’s the only way I can exist. I do have some very good support, but in the end, it’s down to me. Here are some points I ask you to consider:

  • When repairing a gas appliance, fault-finding and diagnosis is my forte – my aim is to arrive at a correct diagnosis and identify the root cause of failure, rather than swapping one part part after another.
  • I’ve succeeded where others have walked away.
  • With my background in electronics, I’ve repaired costly boiler control boards (“PCBs”) that others would have junked, saving customers’ money.
  • As I want to be thorough, I try not to over-fill my day with appointments – some companies put their engineers under a lot of time pressure by handing them many jobs to be done in a day.
  • I have no vested interest in persuading you to scrap your boiler or appliance and get a new one. In fact, I like the challenge of keeping things running!
  • I like to communicate with my clients and take them through and show them what’s going on. I may not always be as clear as I’d wish, but I assure you I won’t try to “blind you with science”.
  • You’re not paying for administrative staff – there aren’t any – just me!
  • You don’t pay VAT on my labour.
  • You don’t pay for any research I may have to do on your gas appliance – I count that as continuing professional development.
  • Unusually (and this may show poor business sense), I don’t put a mark-up on materials, though I may charge a modest fee for ordering and collecting parts.
  • I don’t charge for my time travelling to local visits (within a roughly 10 mile radius of St Albans) – I charge mileage at 40 pence per mile.
  • If I think you’ll get a better deal elsewhere, such as a fixed price repair on a particularly troublesome boiler, I’ll tell you!