“Thank you very much for coming and servicing my Megaflo cylinder earlier. I really appreciated the time you took to explain everything to me in plain English; I certainly learnt a few new and useful things!” LH, St Albans, 29 Nov 2016

“We are really happy with Ian’s service and every time we dealt with him, he has shown an absolute professionalism and given us clarity of work that he carried out  (the detail is important to a customer) and without a shadow of  doubt he fixes the boiler to absolute satisfaction.  Impeccable Service Ian . thank you !” SD, Hatfield, 18 March 2015

“We booked Ian to service our gas boiler and gas fire and he was excellent. Ian got back to me within 24 hours and turned up on time on the day that was chosen. His work was very thorough and his explanations gave great confidence in his abilities. His pricing was very reasonable and there were no hidden extras. I would gladly recommend Ian Braithwaite to anyone requiring work on gas appliances.”   GH, St Albans, 4 Dec 2014

“Ian came round within just days of my contacting him. He arrived on time and was very friendly and professional. He soon fixed the problem with my gas fire and ran all the checks necessary to ensure our safety. Extremely reasonable rates. Would choose Ian’s services without hesitation should the need arise in the future.”   EH, St Albans, 1 Dec 2014

“It is rare to find such a professional and competent trades-person and believe me I have encountered many who are not.” DO, Shenley, June 2014 (by e-mail)

“Thank you so much for such honesty – I doubt I would get this from any other engineer and I can see why your reviews are so glowing, and I am more than happy to endorse them.”   B B St Albans, March 2014 (by e-mail)

“Thank you so much Ian, you’re the best tradesman we’ve ever come across and we will be telling as many people as we can how fantastic you are.”  K M St Albans, January 2014 (by text)

”I worked with Ian for many years in the electronic design labs at Marconi Instruments. When I was searching for a Gas Safe engineer, I came across his name and couldn’t believe my luck in finding such a capable engineer who was now available to do the technical and administrative work required for condensing gas boilers. His background in electronic design and his recent training to become a Gas Safe engineer gives him a comprehensive view of present day boiler technology allowing him to logically find the problem quickly in a failed system. This avoids the waste and cost associated with the usual technique of replacing parts until the problem is cured. This results in a quicker repair at lower cost. Ian’s friendly nature and capable abilities make him worth booking for a boiler service just so you can see how it should be done! “ J D M  Welwyn. 6 Dec 2013 (by e-mail)

“If only car servicing followed Ian’s example: Mercedes standards at Hyundai prices. I will most definitely be recommending him to anyone I know.”  G M Welwyn, 15 Nov 2013 (by e-mail)

“Ian provided absolutely fantastic service for me this Autumn solving a leak at short notice for a very reasonable price and also completing a thorough service for the boiler a week later.  I have no hesitation in recommending Ian for his knowledge and exemplary service.” C W Hatfield, 5 November 2013 (by e-mail)

“Thank you v much for your sterling work yesterday. It’s very reassuring to know we are in such safe hands. We cannot quite believe the contrast of your meticulous approach with that of previous engineers we have had!” A P, Welwyn Garden City (by e-mail)

“Thank you again for your work fixing and servicing our boiler this morning. We really appreciated your  thoroughness and will recommend you to others.” J A, Leagrave (by e-mail)

“Thank you for your very professional service again as a good boiler doctor!”   L P, Hertford (by e-mail)

“Thank you Ian. It’s great to know there are still real professionals we can rely on. The guys at home including the boss ‘mrs b’ thought you were just great. Can’t say more than that. We will strongly recommend you.” P B St Albans (by e-mail)

“Thanks Ian for a job well done at a good price.“ C B St Albans, 13 March 2013 (by e-mail)

“I would just like to say that I am extremely pleased to have our gas fires back up and working again! I was very pleased with the service you supplied and the way in which you supplied it. You kept me fully informed throughout and you were very thorough and professional in your approach. I hope to use your services again at some stage in the future.”   M B Harpenden, 18 March 2013 (by e-mail)