Services – what I offer the St Albans area

  • Gas appliance fault-finding, servicing & repair (note 1 below)
    • Boilers boiler repair – boiler service
    • Water heater water heater repair – water heater service
  • Landlord’s gas safety records (certificates) – CP12 (note 1)
  • Heating system fault-finding & repair
  • Gas hob installation
  • Gas cooker installation
  • Unvented hot water system fault-finding, service & repair (note 2)
  • Heating system controls installation, including “smart” controls
  • Plumbing repairs (minor only)


My aim is always to treat you and your home with respect, and to be professional, conscientious and thorough (you won’t find me the fastest operator), and be respected in return (in short, to do as I would be done by).

I also try hard to be punctual, subject to the vagaries of traffic, and if I’m delayed, I’ll do my best to let you know.

One of my missions is to inform so I try to communicate what’s going on and try to help you understand your heating system – many people today are needlessly detached from what’s in their own homes, yet  there are no difficult concepts even when there appears to be a fearsome jungle of pipes!  I hate “smoke and mirrors” and enjoy working with interested customers – if you haven’t understood, it’s my fault!

I’m equipped and qualified (CPA1) for combustion products analysis (also called “flue gas analysis”), which from 1 April 2012 is a legal requirement. This increases confidence in a gas appliance’s safe operation by making numerical measurements. On many modern boilers, flue gas analysis is the only way of telling whether it’s burning as it should and not producing excessive toxic carbon monoxide (CO)

I’ve invested heavily in diagnostic and other equipment including: digital differential thermometer, infrared thermal imaging camera and an ultrasonic flow meter (very few people have one of these – they measure how much water is flowing through a pipe from outside without the need to modify any pipework).

Heating system water quality is generally neglected – I’m equipped to carry out various basic analyses on small samples.

Where you’d get better value for certain work, such as the installation of a new boiler or heating system, I would, with your permission, defer to a colleague.


  1. Gas Safe registered – required by law – I underwent reassessment in 2016 – valid until 2022.
  2. Work on unvented hot water systems requires possession of a valid certificate of competence –mine is via Logic Certification URL: