Links & resources

Visit the National Gas Museum – see its fascinating website: URL:  We take our infrastructure and modern lifestyle for granted, but it’s the result of invention and hard work!

Gas emergencies: URL:

Gas Safe: URL:     (Corgi no longer handle the registration of gas enginers.)

Electrical work: I recommend William Belbin on 07876 406923

Energy: If you’re interested in the facts about our sources of energy and the future, shorn of politics and emotional garbage (the “hot air”), you can do no better than read Sustainable Energy – Without the Hot Air by David J.C. MacKay . It can be bought in paper form or, a real privilege for a book of this quality, it can be downloaded for free from: URL:

Kitchen installation:  I recommend Simon Morgan on 07788 922768.

Mike the Boilerman: this man’s site has a lot of useful material about boilers and heating systems, and exudes experience, honesty and good sense: URL:

Power-flushing: for a professional job  URL:  

Websites – Tim Kitchen of URL:  : you are viewing my personal website which, as for the street pavement artist is “all my own work”. You may have arrived here via . This was created for me by expert Tim Kitchen who specialises in websites for trades people, to help people to find me as I’ve no expertise in getting noticed by search engines – doing a website at all is enough for me! If you’re in a trade and want to see more, click on the link above.

Wooden floor restoration: contact Ben at  URL: