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www.plumberparts.co.uk  – highly recommended !!

Expert plumber and entertaining character James, has prepared a  truly remarkable set of instructional videos as a public service. Whatever you might need to do or get done, you’re likely to find it here – it’s a goldmine of information. Thanks James!

I’ve prepared a number of articles in Adobe PDF format to provide useful tips for the householder, based on experience and observation. There are simple things anyone can and should do to keep things running and avoid crises, or cope with them when they arise. Just click on the links.

Heating controls – smart or not-so-smart: File: E:\Beesite\Smart(_) heating controls.pdf

Choosing a new boiler – these tips couldn’t be simpler: File: D:\Beesite\Choosing a new boiler.pdf

Boiler and heating care schemes – a few things you really should be aware of:   File: E:\Beesite\Care schemes.pdf

Immersion heaters – if you think you may have one, it might be worthwhile reading about them, in case of need: File: D:\Beesite\Immersion heater.pdf

Chemical dosing of open-vented heating via feed  & expansion (or “header”) tank in the loft –simple instructions for the DIYer: File: D:\Beesite\Chemical dosing.pdf

How to burn less gas (and over time, save money): File: D:\Beesite\How to burn less gas.pdf

Some heating system fault-finding tips, easy things to try, and when to call in help:

File: D:\Beesite\Heating system tips.pdf

Central heating water – why it matters to you: File: D:\Beesite\Heating water quality.pdf

Home occupier’s checklist – things you really should know (if you’re a landlord, this could save you money and hassle): File: D:\Beesite\Occupiers checklist.pdf

Which is the best boiler?  File: D:\Beesite\Which is the best boiler_.pdf

What to do if you smell gas:  File: D:\Beesite\What to do if you smell gas.pdf

Stop valves and gate valves – finding them and caring for them:  File: D:\Beesite\Valves.pdf

Boiler flame picture – what a boiler flame should look like:   File: D:\Beesite\Flame picture.pdf

“Save as much as £300 off your heating bills” – how much gas can you save by fitting a new high efficiency boiler? This article aims to help you find it out for yourself:  File: D:\Beesite\Save up to £300.pdf

Here’s the simple spreadsheet referred to in the article, in Excel (.xls) format:  File: D:\Beesite\Boiler efficiency and gas cost.xls

Shower flow rates and different types of heating systems – why combi boilers can disappoint:

File: D:\Beesite\Shower flow rates and heating system types.pdf

Cleaning a cooker hob – how to avoid blocking the burners:  File: D:\Beesite\Cleaning a cooker hob.pdf

The boiler loses water pressure and the filling loop has to be used to top it up:

 File: D:\Beesite\Boiler needs re-pressurising_home tips.pdf

Gas safety – the enduring message from Gas Safety Week:

Efforts by many, mainly unsung, engineering minds have made it possible for us to use what might be desperately dangerous gas and electricity safely in our homes and workplaces.

That noted, thousands of people are still victims of carbon monoxide poisoning each year in this country, some fatally. Gas Safety Week, supported by many organisations, is intended to draw attention to basic measures that can avoid tragedy:

  • Gas appliances should be serviced regularly to ensure they burn gas well and so produce little carbon monoxide, working efficiently in the process, minimising fuel bills.
  • All gas-related work is required by law to done competently: if you employ someone to carry out gas-related work they must be on the Gas Safe register (formerly, registration was done by CORGI).
  • Fit a carbon monoxide detector/alarm wherever appropriate. Modern gas boilers are room-sealed: the air in the room in which they are sited is isolated from the combustion process – the flue takes care of everything. Older appliances, such as boilers and gas fires draw air in from the room and discharge the products of combustion via a flue or chimney. They, and flueless appliances such as cookers (especially if left on), carry the possibility of carbon monoxide entering the property.

   For goodness’ sake, carbon monoxide alarms are inexpensive, fit one wherever appropriate and protect yourself and others.

Learn more here: URL: http://www.gassaferegister.co.uk/learn/carbon_monoxide_kills.aspx