I’m not giving a full list here because it would be long and confusing – please contact me with details of your appliance(s). However, here’s information with some figures as a guide to what to expect.

I don’t charge a call-out fee – you don’t owe me money for just turning up on your doorstep.

I’m not VAT registered so you don’t pay VAT on my labour.  The only “extra” may be mileage –visits within St Albans are not charged mileage but I do charge mileage at 40 pence per mile beyond St Albans. As noted elsewhere, I don’t charge for my time when travelling locally.

From 1 January 2017, my hourly labour rate for repairs is £60 per hour for the first full hour, then  £50 per hour thereafter. For repairs on gas appliances I can’t quote you a fixed price without knowing what’s wrong – the worst type of fault is one which is intermittent and refuses to show itself. In general, I aim to reach a diagnosis within an hour.

For servicing and landlords’ gas safety records (certificates) I work to a set of fixed fees.

My charge for a full service of a modern, room-sealed boiler, involving a strip-down clean of the burner and heat exchanger is £100.  There may also be some material in the form of seals and gaskets when the manufacturer specifies they have to be replaced.

However, the most modern boiler models may only need to be given a strip-down clean once every few years – either at an interval specified by the manufacturer, or determined by the results of flue gas analysis. In that case, you’ll pay £65. With any service comes an extensive checklist, a copy of which is available on request.

I can’t generally tell you in advance which it will be – I don’t make a judgement – I follow the service procedure in the boiler manufacturer’s Installation & Service Manual (it helps if you can provide me with this when I arrive). So for a modern boiler, expect £100 and you may get a nice surprise, several years running.

Landlords’ gas safety records (certificates) start at £52 for a modern room-sealed boiler and checks on the gas supply. As there is much in common between the safety checks for a service on a modern boiler not needing a strip-down clean, and for a gas safety record, landlords can save money by combining service and safety check.