A little about me

I’m a late-comer to gas servicing & plumbing, having worked for well over 30 years as an electronics design engineer. I enjoyed this a lot, and still tinker with my own electronic inventions, but some years ago I decided to expand ways in which I could earn a living with job satisfaction and embarked on the long journey of developing an alternative career. (But not that alternative – a modern gas boiler is a sophisticated piece of kit, with an electronic control system.)

I’m now applying the thought processes and techniques of fault-finding I acquired while doing electronics, to gas appliances and heating systems. It’s a particular delight to go into a cold home and leave it warm for relieved and happy customers.

Originally from Lancashire, my home for many years has been St Albans, Hertfordshire, and my wife Mary teaches children aged from 3 upwards to play violin and viola:

 URL: http://www.marybviolin.co.uk   

Our son Mark is a professional viola player:

URL: http://www.rwcmd.ac.uk/other/biography/strings/viola/mark_braithwaite.aspx

(In case you’re curious, the letters MInstP stand for Member of the Institute of Physics.)