I’m Ian of St Albans, UK – welcome to my personal website!

(Like it or not, it’s mostly all my own work!)

I offer: boiler repair & service, landlords’ Gas Safety Record (certificate CP12), heating system repairs, gas cooker  & hob installation, unvented hot water service & repair, heating controls installation including smart controls and small plumbing repairs.

(I don’t do major plumbing or installation work, but I can recommend a colleague.)

Note: domestic natural gas only – not LPG

Naturally, I’ve created my site to tell you about me and what I do in the hope that some of you will consider becoming my customer. However, I’ve also set it up to share information – I’ve found members of the plumbing and heating community generous in this respect so this is part of my attempt to join in and give something back.

Some pages such as “Home tips” are aimed at customers & householders, while the “Tech Notes” contain technical information for professional colleagues or students of science who will see basic rough & ready science used to produce results of practical value.

I’d be pleased to have suggestions, and do let me know if there’s something I’ve not made clear or you’d like me to add.

Phone calls –  I do try to respond to phone calls. I only have two hands and these may be in a boiler or on the steering wheel so please leave a message indicating what you need. If you call my landline and don’t get a response, please try the mobile – I may be away. I’m afraid I don’t answer calls where the number is withheld. For non-urgent enquiries, e-mail works and I even try to respond to calls and e-mails when on holiday.

What’s New?

New look site

Inadequate boiler servicing!

The Consumers’ Association (Which Magazine) carried out a covert series of observations of boiler services: the findings make very uncomfortable reading:- here’s how I found out:


I don’t pretend to be perfect but I do try to do my best. During every service, I complete a checklist – here’s my boiler checklist  – please inspect and make up your own mind:

3 reasons among many for servicing boilers

  • Heat exchanger may be clogged with deposit (see image right and note below about power flushing), perhaps stressing the fan.
  • Combustion settings may need adjustment.
  • Condensate trap may need cleaning (a blockage can stop the boiler working).


Gas fire service or safety check

The most vital aspect of a gas fire service  or safety check is verifying that the chimney is working and the ventilation is adequate. A gas fire with a blocked chimney is a potential killer – I‘ve  encountered them. Always have a carbon monoxide alarm in any room with a gas fire.

You can check me out on the Gas Safe register by clicking on the link below, and entering the numbers shown, depending on whether you’re checking me as an individual engineer or a business (sorry about the photo!):  

URL: https://www.gassaferegister.co.uk/


“At present I am all day at the Laboratory, which is emerging from chaos, but is not yet clear of gas-men, who are the laziest and most permanent of all the gods who have been hatched under heaven” – James Clerk Maxwell

I’m a gas engineer, not a plumber (although I do carry out small plumbing jobs as part of this from time to time). Somethings just take up too much time and are not my speciality.

Every now and then I come across a situation where the problem with a boiler is not the boiler itself, but the state of the water going through it. Either the boiler itself becomes blocked up with rust and sludge or the pipework in the system is itself blocked/partially blocked.

In situations like this I might recommend a “Power Flush” of the complete heating system, including the boiler. When called for there is only one firm I can hand-on-heart recommend and that is “Power Flush UK”. I’ve known the owner for some years now and, in my opinion, they are the only firm I have come across who give enough time and have the right experience to make sure that the job is done properly.  They have been specialising only in power flushing for over 12 years and also provide a 5-year guarantee for your peace of mind.